Patient or Staff Red Zipped Bag


The PMSS Patient Red Bags are designed for the sole purpose of making the transferring of a patient from a Care Home to a Hospital ward much easier.

All of the patient’s personal belongings and toiletries can be transported safely in one case.

The case can be manufactured in a size that suits your requirements.

We use our innovative antimicrobial PVC that will greatly reduce the risk of the case spreading bacteria from a Care Home to a Hospital. The coating is impregnated into the PVC at the time the material is made and lasts for the life of the case itself. The coating will eradicate 99.9% of bacteria that touch the surface of the case.

Zipped Bag with NHS Uniform Inside

We can incorporate many options in to the case, internal and external  pockets, shoulder straps or a bespoke print that ensure the case returns to the correct location when the patient is discharged.

If you call our Sales Manager Julie Goddard on 07715 523486 or one of our NHS Team on 01625 432094 we will be able to discuss all options available to you.