Blood Products Zipped Bag in Red


Tracit360 has been developed jointly with our software partners who are a well established supplier of software solutions to the NHS.

This GS1 CertifiedTrack and Trace solution offers the user the ability to establish exactly where products are whilst on the move. This might apply to the movement of pharmacy products as well laboratory samples..

Having greater control of drugs as they leave the pharmacy and being able to offer accurate information of their location within the distribution chain allows pharmacy departments to offer an increased level of service and greatly reduce the risk of drugs going missing which results in cost savings and a more efficient drug service.

Laboratory samples that are collected at GP Surgeries or out lying clinics and transported to the laboratory for processing are at risk whilst in transit. Tracit360 offers the solution to safer specimen transportation that will result in not only commercial savings but also valuable time saved in the transport process.

Call our Sales Manager Julie Goddard on 01625 432094 or email her at to discuss your unique track and trace requirements and arrange a demonstration of the software.