Zipped Transport Cases


Our independently validated temperature control cases can hold a stable temperature for up to  24 hours.

Due to the nature in which these cases are used we considered it important that the case did not contribute to the risk of spreading infection whilst in transit. To mitigate this we now have a range of coloured materials available with a validated antimicrobial coating that is impregnated into the durable PVC at the manufacturing stage. The coating lasts for the life of the product and it will eradicate 99.9% of bacteria that comes into contact with the cases. Currently available in red, blue, green, yellow , orange and purple.

Each case is supplied with an unique barcoded label on the reverse for tracking purposes. This can be used in conjunction with a barcode reader or alternatively the eye readable unique number can manually be recorded so that a record is kept of where the case has gone, this ensures it’s return and you have greater control over your assets.

Go to the video page on this website to view a product video.

Zipped Bag for Cytotoxic Transport

Advisory NoteOur temperature control cases have been validated under controlled laboratory conditions to show the capabilities of the product.

The test results give an indication of what can be achieved when using these cases.

Variations will occur depending on environmental circumstances, temperature of the goods going into the case and packing conditions.

If temperature control is critical to your process then we recommend a trial prior to purcahse to ensure the case meets your individual needs