Printed Security Seals in a variety of colours


We offer a number of security seal options these include both Arrow Seals and Button Seals in two different versions; numbered and plain. The sequential numbered seals clearly offer you an increased security solution.

Close up of zips

All the seals are tamper evident so once the seal has been broken it can not be replaced into the housing. This offers you a simple yet highly effective solution in ensuring your goods arrive at their destination “fit for purpose”.

Our seals are compatible with all arrow seal and button seal locking houses, call us for FREE Samples.

If you are using a case with the dual zip pull options we can offer a wide range of other security seal options that will secure the case whilst in transit. Talk to us about the endless seal options available to you.

The most recent addition to our security product range is a wide range of tamper evident labelling solutions. We have a number of stock options available, however, if you need a custom label we will manufacture a solution that meets your exact needs.

If someone attempts to remove the label from the package a “VOID” message is displayed that will indicate that the product has been tampered with whilst in transit. Once peeled the label cannot be re-stuck to the package.

Call our Product Manager Julie Goddard on 07715 523486 or one of our NHS Team on 01625 432094 and we will talk you through the options available to you.