Zipped Bags for Pharmacy Use


Our range of zipped security bags are used extensively to securely transport drugs from the In Patient Pharmacy to their required destination, either on site or off site.

Made from durable coated PVC nylon the bags incorporate a strong zip to close the bag and the additional locking security housing that ensures the goods arrive at their final location tamper free and fit for purpose.

An innovative addition to this new range of pouches for 2018 is our Antimicrobial coating that is added during the manufacturing process. This key feature offers infection control teams the comfort that the cases DO NOT contribute to the spread of infection within the hospital environment. This has been a concern within many IC teams and one that we felt needed to be addressed. The antimicrobial range will initially consist of 5 colours, yellow, red, blue green and orange.

PMSS offer you the flexibility to design a bag that meets your needs, the size, the colour, the print, the security seal can all be chosen by you at the design stage that will ensure the final product will perform the job being asked of it.

An added feature that can be incorporated within the bag design of the PMSS product are sequential numbers or even sequential barcodes, this allows great accountability and track and trace opportunities.

We are happy to offer you a pre-production sample of your bag prior to manufacturing your full order.

Call our Sales Manager Julie Goddard on 07715 523486 or one of our experienced NHS Team on 01625 432094 to discuss you unique requirements.